JFFL 2020 Spring/Summer League Newsletter Week 4

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

3 weeks in and we have no win less teams, that is a JFFL first, also there are only two 3-0 teams, the Summer league is showing about as much balance as has ever been seen as far wins/losses at the halfway point.

5 of 6 games were shutouts last week, unusual and a record, however we did have 2 cross-classification games and will have 2 more this week with both A-teams, before they play each other in week 5, clearly Prime Time & PWO are the teams for all others to measure themselves against, so the 8 teams that will play against 1 or the other during the course of this entire season will get a sense of where they are in their development towards potential A-level at some point in the future. Of course, most teams will not develop to that level, nor is that their goal, rather to play ball and have fun along the way, then if they develop up to A-level that’s just a bonus along the way to having some competitive fun.

Goon Squad got their first win in the JFFL…welcome to the party guys, have fun along the way.

Crisis got their first win after some hard luck rust of a 2 yr layoff, they were the Div.-C champions when last played.

Relentless, the Div. B champions when last they played about 18 mos. Ago in their only JFFL season, ran into a buzz saw against PT last Saturday, which was just a warmup for Relentless in looking toward the Game Of The Week against Just Win Baby,both teams are definitely in contention for the B-title this season, this game will go a long way toward determining that. As mentioned, Relentless already own a B-Div championship for life and Just Win Baby has been close a couple times and wants to get to that title shot, a win here keeps Just Win Baby on top of the B-div. Standings.

High noon has last Winter’s undefeated Terror Squad, they won their first B-div. Belt to go along with their 2 C-Div. Belts prior to that, against perennial powerhouse A-team PWO (2 JFFL titles), TS ‘O’ will get to see where they are in measuring themselves against that historically vaunted PWO ‘D’ (shutouts the last 2 weeks).

Lunatics/Modesto Maniacs game will determine who will be on top of C-Div. Going into week 5.

After this week, we’ll be off July 4, so we’ll return to play in 2 weeks on 7/11.


9:00am (1-2)Goon Squad vs Crisis(1-2)+1

Crisis looked like they finally knocked off that 2yr layoff rust and pitched the 13-0 win last week as an underdog, which they are in this game. GS got their first JFFL with an impressive 34-0, perhaps GS is now getting the hang of 8on8 flag. The vets vs the newcomers, 1 will have back to back wins going into week 5.

Mgrs.Kris Rodriguez(GS), Vince Tamao(Crisis)

10:30am(3-0)Prime Time vs (1-2)LB Rams+35

Prime Time is rolling along in a 35-0 over 1 of the better B teams.LB Rams lost a tough game against a div. Opponent last week, this is a non-div. Game, before resuming play against their div. Opponents for rest of season.

Mgrs.David Gianesin(PT), Martin Topete(LBR)

12:00pm (2-1)PWO vs (2-1)Terror Squad+12

PWO pitched their 2nd straight shutout 12-0, the D looks like the usual PWO D we’ve become accustomed to seeing over the years. Terror Squad won another close game 18-14 and like PWO have won bothin the  last 2 weeks, this is a non-div. Game.

Mgrs. Ray Montez(pWo), Mason Deal(TS)

1:30pm (1-0, 1-2)Lunatics vs (1-1, 1-2)Modesto Maniacs+3

This game matches up div, opponents, Modesto Maniacs is looking to move into a tie for C-Div lead whereas Lunatics are playing to stay alone at ther top. Lunatics played a tough 14-18 game with last Winter’s B-champion Terror Squad last game.

This is the C-Div. Game Of The Week.

3:00pm (1-0,1-2)Just Win Baby vs (0-0, 1-2)Relentless+1

This is the Game of the Week in B-Div. With the winner taking sole possession at the top of the div. Both teams are coming off tough shootout losses and likely can’t wait for this game to start and get it on in a very meaningful game that will likely go a long way toward determining eventual Bowl Games for both.

Mgrs. Anthony Rodriguez(JWB), Eli Reid(Relentless)

4:30pm (3-0)Jokers vs (1-2)Eskimos+8

Eskimos’ games have all been close games, they’re used to playing deep into games where 1 play can make the difference, and the D has given up no more than 2 scores in a game, against some good offenses. Jokers will have their hands full in a likely tough game if Eskimos’ can get good attendance in this late game for them.

Mgrs. Bob Holland(J), Vicente Carranza(Eskimos)


Crisis was a 3pt underdog going into the game with LB Rams. Crisis had struggled to get the rust off the first 2 weeks and has been on the opposite end of the UOTW for the 1st 2 weeks, but they applied the WD-40 and won 13-0 against a LB Rams team that has played well in 2 tight games. in 2nd half, then held onto the 18-14 win…


Crazy Game

Lunatics and Terror Squad have several lead changes in this back and forth game. Terror Squad took the lead in 2nd half 12-7, then on the subsequent possession Lunatics worked their way down to take the lead back 14-12. Terror Squad then had to come up with a TD late in 2nd half, then held onto the 18-14 win…Lunatics looks like the most improved returning team so-far after 3 weeks.