Winter League

Winter League 2019 Starts December 7th


-8on8 adult flag football in the JFFL Winter League begins Saturday, December 7th.

-If you don’t have a team or plan to start a team(with 7 other friends) and are a free agent player looking to get on a team, then you’re invited to come out to a JFFL practice and bring any interested friends, on Saturday November 23rd: Hillglen Ave  in Modesto.
* Check this site 1 week before the start of the Winter Season.
*Open practice times are 11:00am-1:30pm, if you can’t make it, but still want to play, let me know.
*Positions are: OL, WR, QB, DL, LB, DB…always a premium for OL and DL.
*If you do choose to play, cost for an individual is $40 for the season if paid before 1st game, or $50 if payments of $10 each week. You’ll play on Team JFFL, managed by JFFL commissioner….everyone plays. Women are also welcomed to play in the league.
*Bilson’s Sport Shop 201 Lander Ave., Turlock(take the W. Main exit off 99 and turn right on Lander Av., on right side) is the official JFFL flag football equipment provider. See Mike Lindsey 209-634-4543, (retired Jokers Hall Of Famer) for jerseys, shirts, flags, gloves, cleats, pocket-less shorts, mouthpieces, tights, wraps, headbands, equipment bags, elbow/knee pads and all flag football related equipment.
If you were inquiring to bring a team out, then read the rest below and let me know (otherwise ignore it)…if you want to put a team together, but can’t get it done for the December 7th Winter League, then your next opportunity will be on March 14th for the Spring League, start organizing now, it’ll be here quicker than you think.
-To enter a team:
1)Reserve a spot by informing me and let me know your team name and colors (unless undecided).
2)Attend the  Friday November 29th at 6:30pm managers meeting at LDS church, 731 El Vista Rd., Modesto or send a team rep with the $550 fee for the season or a $100 deposit to reserve your spot and make payments to the Treasurer each week during the season. If you or another team rep can’t attend, let us know, and you can come out to the east field on Hillglen Av., Modesto, 95355 the next day, Saturday November 30th, between 3-5pm  to pay the treasurer(Dave)…If no one can attend to make the deposit/fee on either day, if you know you can’t make either date, then make arrangements to pay Dave(209-614-1828, leave a message) on or before Sunday December 1st. Once all teams have paid or informed us of their payment commitment . Then Week 1 Schedules will be emailed to team managers.We will post to our social media sites and the JFFL Web site on or before Wednesday December 4th.
-Season consists of 6 games planned for December 7th – January 11th 2020 (5 regular season games and 1 Bowl game). Dates can change due to unforeseen circumstances.(rain outs, etc)
-Postseason Bowl Game  will be determined by your level of play during the regular season to best match you up with a similar level team.Trophies awarded to all Bowl winners and shirts. Bowl winning team photo’s posted on website and Facebook site and photo emailed to the players on the winning team….Top A-classified contender plays the Jokers in the JFFL Bowl
What level of play is your team:
A-Elite: Jokers-level play,  top of the line, has all or most of the intangibles.
B-Competitive: not quite top level, yet.
C-Recreational:new teams, returning teams that haven’t played in 2 or more yrs or current teams that are not yet at the A or B level.
D-Armchair: new teams or not much, if any, flag football experience…playing just for fun.
-Game times can start as early as 9am with last game starting at 4pm. Scheduling requests (time range due to work, time for a given date due to an event, etc) would need to be submitted before schedule is completed.
-Roster size limit is 20 players. Can start season with 8 players and add new players every week, except Bowl Week (unless approved by the JFFL Athletic Commission in order to prevent a forfeit, teams want to play)
-Games played in Modesto,field directions will be given at the Managers meeting.
-The same officials and league officers that ran the previous Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring leagues.
-If a team doesn’t have 8 players to start, then they can pickup a player(s) from another team for that day only.If you have a player(s) show up after start, picked up player(s) can remain in game until legally rostered player is ready to enter the field. To prevent forfeits, teams can start with just 4 players. (eg: team A can play with 4 against team B with 5 on offense and 6 on defense, until late players arrive)
-Flags: bring your own, or provided by JFFL to new teams $10 deposit, $10 returned after game if all flags returned. Returning teams will be charged $5 so you’ll receive $5 back from your $10 deposit.
-Jerseys or shirts must be same color and no smaller that 6″ #’s on both front and back, visible to officials from afar and have sleeves at least 4″ long. Numbers will be painted onto shirt if you have no # on it.
-Athletic Commission meeting: after last game of day to discuss player discipline issues if any, to determine suspensions or expulsion.
-Lineups will need to be submitted to the scorer’s table before game begins, any new players will need to sign roster/liability exception before taking the field of play.
-If you are interested in participating as a team, or as an individual let me know and more details will be sent….individuals without a team will be contacted by participating teams that need players.
This is a not for profit league, your fee only pays for the privilege to participate(not to complain/whine), otherwise you can always go play softball, soccer or flag football down in Fresno, up in Sacramento or over in the Bay Area.