JFFL 2020 Spring/Summer League Newsletter Week 3

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

After a long delayed start of the Spring league due to this virus shutdown (originally were going to start play back in March),we finally started when we were originally going to start the Summer league.

Two weeks in, we had some surprises to the upside by teams: Lunatics, LB Rams, Modesto Maniacs and Relentless (haven’t played since 2 winters ago), which forced us to rethink the potential schedule after these 2 weeks. It’s not always possible to get the most closely matched on a weekly basis, but we give it our best shot, taking into account scheduling requests and and the fact that only 2 teams signed up for A-league, so that created some cross-classification games for weeks 2-3-4, we spread that around so no team played both.


9:00am (1-1)LB Rams vs Crisis(0-2)+3

LB Rams have played 2 close games losing to Eskimos 0-8 before rebounding for a 19-14 win over Goon Squad. Crisis hasn’t played for 2 yrs and is knocking off the rust, kicked the first successful FG of the season.Mgrs.Martin Topete(LBR), Vince Tamao(Crisis)

10:30am (1-1)Terror Squad vs (1-1)Lunatics+7

Terror Squad were the B Champions last Winter, finishing 6-0, but were upset in week 1 by Just Win Baby, Terror Squad got their mojo back,in week 2, but it was a hard fought 13-12game with Eskimos.Lunatics impressed with an opening week 20-6 win over Crisis. Mgrs.Mason Deal(TS), David Diaz(Lunatics)

12:00pm (1-1)PWO vs (1-1)Eskimos+12

PWO lost 12-26 to PT in their warmup game before they play again in week 5’s play-in game. PWO rebounded for a 14-0 win over a tough Just Win Baby. Eskimos have played 2 close game 8-0 win over LBR and 12-13 loss to Terror Squad, both veteran JFFL teams. Mgrs. Ray Montez(pWo), Vicente Carranza(Esk)

1:30pm (2-0)PrimeTime vs (1-1)Relentless+14

Prime Time has re-tooled and added more even more veteran players to the roster after last 2 leagues not meeting their own high expectations. This Relentless team has only played in the JFFL 1 season prior (2 winters ago) and won the B Championship.They opened with an O.T. 19-18 win, then lost 13-28 to Jokers in a game that was closer than the score. Mgrs. David Gianesin(PT),Eli Reid(Rel)

3:00pm (1-1)Modesto Maniacs vs (0-2) Goon Squad +/- pick ’em

Modesto Maniacs returned after their debut in Winter league where they played some close games and improved every week but couldn’t quite get the W, then came so close in week 1 with the 18-19 OT loss to a good Relentless team, however in week 2 they pulled off the win (see UPSET Of WEEK below). Goon Squad shares the name of a team from several years back but is a totally new team, that has lost to Jokers 6-22 then couldn’t quite get the W in a 14-19 loss to LB Rams. Goon Squad looks to have potential with their 20-man roster, but hasn’t quite put the full game together yet, going thru a learning curve for now. Mgrs. Anthony Mentillo(MM), Kris Rodriguez(GS)

4:30pm (2-0)Jokers vs (1-1)Just Win Baby+7

Just Win Baby opened with the Upset Of the Week with win over Terror Squad, not for lack of talent, but that Terror Squad was 6-0 in Winter. Played  PWO tough last week. Jokers with their mix of old vets (40’s & 50’s) along with plenty of younger players, for Jokers that means under 30, have started off with wins over Goon Squad & Relentless.  Mgrs. Bob Holland(J), Anthony Rodriguez(JWB)


Week 1: Just Win Baby’s 20-14 win over B Champion Terror Squad who went 6-0 last Winter….also Lunatics performed well in their 20-6 win over Crisis, last time Crisis played they were the C Champions.

Week 2: Modesto Maniacs ended their 7 game losing streak 13-3, in a come from behind win, against former C Champion Crisis.

Crazy Game

Goon Squad took the early lead 7-0 over LB Rams…LB Rams took the lead later on in the game. However, Goon Squad took the ball down to about the LB Rams 35 yard line with just 0:04 left on the clock and tried a long pass that was caught just short of goal line. Goon Squad had no TO’s left to try another play, LB Rams held on for a come from behind win.