JFFL 2020 Spring/Summer League Week 5 Newsletter

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Prime Time and PWO finished up their non-division games 6-0 and now will compete in their rematch to determine the top A-team and top JFFL regular season team this week…a kicker wins a JFFL game for first time in years, see ‘Crazy Game’…Modesto Maniacs surprised us again with another win to move into 1st place atop the C-Division, after going 0-6 in their first season back in the JFFL Winter, easily the most-improved team thus far, see ‘Upset Of the Week’.

Just Win Baby clinched the B-Division Regular season title with a close win over Relentless (B-Division Champions 2 winters back) Just Win Baby will play Eskimos to see if they can run the table on B-Division, Eskimos look like a version of the Young Gunz with so many Young Gunz vets attending the Jokers game and almost got the upset, Eskimos easily played at A-Level in that game, will be an interesting match-up with Just Win Baby , can make the Bowl Game match-ups tough on the JFFL Bowl committee with a win, however a  Just Win Baby win will result in them running the table on B-Division and being the de facto B champion, therefore allowing Just Win Baby to play for their first A-Division Bowl Game trophy…right now it’s a 3 team race for A-Division Bowl game between for their first A-div Bowl Game trophy…right now it’s a 3 team race for A-Division Bowl game between JWB-Eskimos-Terror-Eskimos-Terror Squad, depending on final results and point differential this week, the lesser 2 of the 3 likely playing each other in week 6.

C-Division Is up for grabs by 4 of the 5 teams, depending on results from Modesto Maniacs/LB Rams and Lunatics/Goon Squad there are scenarios that can make either a MM/LB Rams rematch, Modesto Maniacs/Lunatics, Crisis/Modesto Maniacs/, LB Rams/Lunatics, Crisis/LB Rams for the week 6 C-Division Bowl Game for the championship…Goon Squad can make the JFFL Bowl Committee’s decision much easier with a win. Tie breakers are 1)Division Record, 2)head to head, 3)point differential in Division Games, 4)Overall record, will let you figure out the different scenarios rather than cover them here.


9:00am (1-3)Relentless vs Crisis(2-2)+3

Crisis pulled off another win with a close 7-6 over GS, Crisis is the only team to play all Divisional opponents, schedule just happened to work that way, with no more C-Division teams to play, they’ll get Relentless (B-Division Champion, last time they competed), Crisis was C-Division Champion when they last competed, a first time meeting between the two.

Mgrs.Eli Reid(Relentless), Vince Tamao(Crisis)

10:30am (1-1, 1-3)LB Rams vs Modesto. Maniacs(2-1, 2-2)

Modesto Maniacs are atop the C-Division for the 2nd time this season after the upset win over Lunatics 13-12.If they can beat the veteran LB Rams, they’ll win the regular season and go to the C-Division Bowl. LB Rams can move atop the C-Division with a win and beat Lunatics on point differential in C-Division games and go into the C-Division Bowl.

Mgrs.Anthony Mentillo(MM), Martin Topete(LBR)

12:00pm (1-1, 1-3)Lunatics vs (1-2, 1-3)Goon Squad+1

Both teams coming off close last play 1 pt losses, Lunatics lost 12-13 and Goon Squad 6-7. Lunatics can get into the C-Division Bowl Championship with a win and help from LB Rams.Crisis will be rooting for Goon Squad. Goon Squad has showed they can play with the best with a 34-0 win win earlier in season, they just need to get more consistent and get a decisive win here to get a higher Bowl Game.

Mgrs. David Diaz(Lunatics), Kris Rodriguez(GS)

1:30pm (4-0)Prime Time vs (3-1)PWO+6

This is the ‘Game Of The Week’ matching up the perennial JFFL powerhouse teams over the years.They have a long history with each other, Prime Time won the most recent match-up in week 1 and ended the only undefeated Bowl Game record in the JFFL when Prime Time won last Winter’s Bowl Game against the then 10-0 PWO, expect the highest level JFFL play in this game, worth hanging around or arriving early to watch.

Mgrs. David Giannisen(Prime Time), Ray Montez(PWO)

3:00pm (2-0,2-2)Just Win Baby vs (0-1, 1-3)Eskimos+2

This is the Game of the Week in B-div with Just Win Baby trying to go undefeated in B and winning the B outright. Eskimos have played the toughest schedule in the JFFL and lost close games while playing at high levels, they can mix up the Bowl Game schedule with a win here, a decisive win will really boost Eskimos Bowl Game level.

Mgrs. Anthony Rodriguez(JWB), Vicente Carranza(Eskimos)

4:30pm (4-0)Jokers vs (2-2)Terror Squad+3

Before last week’s game with PWO, Terror Squad had won 9 of last 10 JFFL games, including 2 Bowl Game wins to really assert themselves among the JFFL elite teams. In that streak Terror Squad beat Jokers last Fall League and will be looking to repeat past history here against the only other undefeated team left in Spring/Summer league, Jokers have the longest current JFFL winning streak at 10 games, last loss was to PWO.

Mgrs. Bob Holland(Jokers), Mason deal (Terror Squad)


Modesto Maniacs were 3pt underdogs to the veteran Lunatics, it was a close back and forth game and wasn’t decided until the whistle on the final play with Lunatics on Modesto Maniacs goal-to-go, where Modesto Maniacs came out with the unexpected 13-12 win.

Crazy Game

Goon Squad/Crisis were 0-0 into 2nd half, before Goon Squad scored late in game on their last possession to go up 6-0. On the subsequent series, VinceT(mgr) made a nice long catch & run to set up a chance at goal to go. On the final play of regulation the Goon Squad 4 yard line Crisis made the tough TD catch between 2 defenders as clock went to 0:00, Crisis then went for the XP kick and IvanM made the kick to win the first JFFL game by a kicker in years 7-6.