2018 Winter League Week 3

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Week 3 saw a lot of surprises on both the upside and downside. Some games closer than expected and others not as close as many thought would be….that’s why we play the games between the lines and not on paper, it’s called competition.

-Young Gunz was flying high but ran into an improved BD team that picked up several Just Win Baby players from the Fall JFFL league and it looks like they’re all jelling into 1 top A-class team now after 3 weeks together(plus preseason practices). YG was missing their leader and veteran (BurtP & EdgarM) but MartinoB played his usual high level QB & S for BD.

-P Town and Da Bears were 17 pt underdogs, so if you took them and the pts you came out ahead on both counts as they barely lost by 1 & 2 pts. Both teams took a big step up in play and improved in week 3, a testament to both Mgrs/coaches SonnyA(P-Town) and LeoR(Da Bears).

-DavidG(WR-Mgr) and JustinR(QB-Asst. Mgr.) continue their current JFFL record winning streak and extend it to 16 games in a row. Of course, it’s not just those 2, it takes a complete team effort to accomplish this feat, the OL & DL are top of the line and rival the Jokers, PWO, YG at the LOS(line of scrimmage).

-The OL in the Winter league are fun to watch as there are some high quality and dedicated blockers out there. Some of the lesser known OL’s are LB Ballers, Relentless, Da Bears. Hogs are always under appreciated by the fans, but not by those that know and understand 8-man flag football, without them, the QB is just running around with no structure and the WR’s are just with any consistency from the LOS in 8-man flag football.

Games to Watch

8:45am (1-2)Wet Bandits vs (0-3)LB Ballers+7

Wet Bandits is a new team (spin off from A-class BD), LBB is a veteran JFFL team, won the C-Class Bowl twice including most recently in the JFFL Fall League, point spread may be a little big in this game. LBB OL vs WB DL will likely be the determining factor in this game.

9:50am (1-2)Los Aztecas vs (0-3)Da Bears+3

Da Bears 2.0 is a new team with a good OL/DL. LA is a veteran JFFL team that has won Bowl Games over the years including C-Class champion. Expect a hard-fought low scoring battle in this game that could be decided on just a handful of plays.

10:55am (0-3)Bull Gerbil vs(0-3)P Town+1

A first time meeting between these 2. Bull Gerbil has been a top B-Class team in prior leagues and P Town was a top B-class and then later A-Class team before returning after about a 5 yr hiatus. If you ever watch a game with teams that are 0-6 this is the game, both play a good high-level game. This game’s winner will get an automatic bid to the B-class Championship Bowl Game.

12:00pm (2-1)PWO vs (2-1)BD+1

This is the first of 3 A-Class play-in games, 2 this week and 1 next week.These 2 are quite familiar with each other as they have done preseason scrimmages with each other several times. PWO is 3-0 in the series,BD is playing at their highest yet.

1:05pm (2-1)Terror Squad vs (2-1)Relentless+1

This is the 3rd Relentless team over the yrs, version 3.0, no relation to the prior versions, this is a new team that has played well. They were beaten by the Jokers in week 1, learned from that and how to play 8-man a little more, then applied that to win 2 close games against JFFL veteran teams that have both won JFFL Divisional Bowls to be C-Class champions. Terror Squad is another veteran JFFL team that has won C-class champion Bowls as well and will look to end this streak.

2:10pm (3-0)Prime Time vs (2-1)Young Gunz+4

PT won last time these 2 powerhouse JFFL teams met 26-19 in JFFL Summer League to take the lead in this series 3-2.YG started well then was upset last Sat.PT has now extended it’s JFFL winning streak to 16.Winner of this game plays the winner of the other A-class play-in game (PWO/BD) in week 5 to determine who plays in the JFFL Bowl.

3:30pm (3-0)Jokers vs (3-0)Show N Go+3

Show N Go has continued to play well after winning the B-class championship Bowl Game in the Fall league to continue it’s unbeaten Bowl record to 4-0 lifetime.Now off to their best start ever at 3-0.They’ve not beaten Jokers in the past(0-5) but this looks like their best team yet from all their versions(Replacements, TagEmBagEm, now SNG).


BD was a 4pt underdog but upset Young Gunz 14-13 in this A-class matchup. The biggest pt. spread differential upset was by P-Town who was a 17-pt ‘dog but barely lost 19-20 to PWO. Right behind them was Da Bears+17 but barely lost 18-20 to Show N Go…taking these 3 and the pts would’ve been a good move.

Crazy Game

Young Gunz lead 7-0 at halftime. In 2nd half, BD scored to tie the game 7-7. A game that turned on every play, until BD scored with :16 sec left to take a 14-7 lead. However, YG didn’t give up as they gained 15y then a 15y penalty was added to the drive to leave YG with just enough time for 1 play and 30y away. YG was able to pull it off and score as time expired. So it came down to the YG ‘O’ and the BD ‘D’ on the XP with 0:00 on the clock, BD D came thru on the play and the 14-13 W.These 2 always play a close entertaining game, suggest not missing the next time they meet, well worth the cost of admission …if there were admission.