2018 Winter League Weeks 1 & 2

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Here we are in another JFFL Winter League with 14 teams, had to turn 2 teams away to wait for the Spring League in March. We were just going to allow 12 teams in for the Winter so we didn’t have to stack games 1 on top of the other with no break in between games. However, so many teams wanted in that we decided to allow 14, start a little earlier and reduce the 2nd half 2:00 warning to 1:00 in order to meet the 1:05hr limit for each game in order to finish last game before sunset.

-We moved from our traditional Garrison Park location to splitting time at 2 fields in E. Modesto.

-Normally, after each league, all leftover after expense money is spent on Facebook/Instagram advertising to inform potential new players/teams that 8-man flag football is being played in this region. However, after diminishing returns on new leads, decided to let the players themselves do the advertising/public awareness by getting shirts for all JFFL participants, so wear them in public and when people strike up a conversation let them know.

Games to Watch

8:45am (0-2)LB Ballers vs (1-1)Terror Squad+1

These 2 have met a few times, LBB leads series 3-2, Terror Squad won the Bowl Game in Summer League, but LBB won the Divisional-C Bowl Game in double O.T. in the Fall League.These 2 always play a tough/tight game, always tough to predict who will come out with the win.

10:55am (2-0)Young Guns vs (1-1)BD+4

These 2 A-class teams have gone back and forth in some tight games against each otherduring their series.YG is on a roll these first 2 weeks, let’s see if BD stops that.

2:10pm (2-0)Prime Time vs(0-2)Bull Gerbils+10

A first time meeting between these 2. Bull Gerbils has been a top B-Class team in prior leagues and has moved up to A-class. First 2 weeks were tight games that could’ve went either way, but just a bit short. BG will now take a shot at the Spring, Summer and Fall JFFL league champions.

3:30pm (2-0)Jokers vs (1-1)Wet Bandits+7

Wet Bandits are a new team that is a spinoff of BD and already got their first JFFL win. Now they’ll test themselves against the veteran-laden Jokers with their five 50+yrs and four 40+ yrs players.


-Week 1: Young Guns in a 1-0 O.T. win over PWO, a defensive battle between these A-Class teams.

-Week 2: Relentless (new) squeaking out a 14-7 win over veteran LB Ballers, in a game that wasn’t decided until the last play.

Crazy Game

-Week 1: Show N Go and Wet Bandits in a 52 pt shootout, the high game for the season, won 32-20 by SNG.

-Week 2: After a 1-0 game in week 1, it looked like we were headed to a 2-0 game in week 2, when Los Aztecas got a safety early and the D held for most of the game until Wet Bandits got the TD then held on for the 6-2 win.