2018 Winter League Week 4

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

After some upsets in week 4, we enter week 5 with several key match-ups that the JFFL Bowl Committee scheduled in order to the teams determine who plays who in which level Bowl Game.

-After reclassifying Bull Gerbil and P Town last week, Relentless was reclassified up to B-Class this week after their decisive win in week 4 and the body of their play for the entire season. Standings have been adjusted accordingly.

-This will be our first wet game day of the Winter, we’ll be playing in the rain, since field has had no rain in 12 days and can absorb most of the rain without taking too much damageā€¦field will have 2 months to recover before we start the Spring League on March 16th.

Games to Watch
8:45am ( 1-1,1-3)Da Bears vs (0-2,0-4)LB Ballers+1

First time meeting between first year team Da Bears and the Fall League Div. C champions.

9:50am (0-0, 3-1)Relentless vs (0-1, 2-2)Wet Bandits+1

Two first year teams in their first of perhaps many meetings to come in future JFFL leagues.Relentless has just been reclassified as B-class after winning 3 in a row against 3 past Div. C champions.

10:55am (2-0, 2-2)Terror Squad vs (1-1, 1-3)Los Aztecas+7

A meeting between 2 long time division rivals, winner likely to be in Div. C championship Bowl Game.

12:00pm (1-2, 2-2)Young Gunz vs (0-2, 2-2)PWO+1

These 2 met earlier, with YG winning 1-0 on yards in O.T. to open the season.

1:05pm (2-0, 4-0)Prime Time vs (2-1, 3-1)BD+7

Both won their A-class play-in games last week and are playing again after PT won just 2 weeks ago 20-13. BD would like nothing better than to avenge that loss, and play in the JFFL Bowl.


2:10pm (1-0,3-1)Show N Go vs (1-0, 1-3)Bull Gerbil+4

First time meeting between 2 high-quality teams.

3:30pm (4-0)Jokers vs (0-1, 0-4)P Town+5

Don’t let P-Towns record fool you, after a few years off they returned to play the best in the JFFL and has won almost all games, but just came up short in most.


-BD was just a 1pt ‘dog, so the win over PWO wasn’t the surprise, the 19-7 win was. They get their rematch with Prime Time.

-Da Bears+3 pulls out the 13-6 win over Los Aztecas in a close game.

Crazy Game

Wet Bandits and LB Ballers in a back and forth 19-14 win for WB. LBB did cover the spread in this game.