2018 Fall 2018 Week 4

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

After preseason practices (for some) and the regular season, here is Bowl Week.

-Prime Time held on to win 25-18 over PWO in the A-class play-in game for the JFFL Bowl. This will be their 3rd straight berth and haven’t lost a game since Team Elite beat them 29-6 in Spring League, that was 16 games ago.

-LB Ballers/Terror Squad will meet in a rubber match to determine the series winner on the season in another Bowl match-up for these 2.

-BD & Show N Go are undefeated in Bowl games (5-0 combined).

-After this week, we’ll be looking for another field to play the Winter league on. Ripon is too strict on field use when rained on. There are a couple candidates that were considered for the Fall that we’ll follow up on during the off season.

Games to Watch

10:30am (1-4)LB Ballers vs (1-4)Terror Squad+1

These 2 have met a few times, series is tied 2-2, Terror Squad won the Bowl Game in Summer League, but LBB won the last game they played.

12:00pm (3-2)PWO vs (3-2)Just Win Baby+3

These 2 have never met, PWO being the long-time veteran team and JWB playing in their 2nd JFFL league(they played last Winter). JWB has played some good games against good teams in only their sophomore league.This will be veteran vs youth and PWO ‘D’ vs the dynamic JWB ‘O’.

1:30pm (2-3)BD vs(2-3)Show N Go+6

These 2 met earlier in what turned out to be the Game of the Week with BD holding on for an 18-14 win. Neither team has ever lost a Bowl Game, SNG is 3-0 and BD 2-0…there are no ties, so someone will keep their 0 intact.

3:00pm (5-0)Prime Time vs (3-1)Jokers+7

Prime Time is playing in their 3rd straight JFFL Bowl (winning the previous 2) and riding a 16-game JFFL winning streak, that includes all the top JFFL teams during that streak. PT has quite a few G-Unit veterans and will be playing the veteran-laden Jokers. Both teams are very familiar with each other.


LB Ballers+1 lost 8-9 in O.T last time they played Terror Squad and lost a Bowl Game to TS before that, so the 26-0 score and victory margin in the LBB win was the upset part of this game….they get to do it again this week.

Crazy Game

Prime Time held on for the 25-18 win over PWO. Early on PWO was moving the ball, but on first 2 series PT got INT’s at the goal line to stop potential scores and went on to a big lead. However, PWO clamped down and just kept competing and eventually closed the gap, but the clock won out.