2018 Fall 2018 Week 3

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Week 4 was a limited schedule, but it did have the A-clas play-in game toward the JFFL Bowl between PWO/BD, which didn’t disappoint, as it was a close affair the entire game and ended up in O.T. where PWO came out with the 12-6 win and the rematch with Prime Time this week to determine who plays in the JFFL Bowl for the Fall League overall championship. Unlike previous seasons, the PT/PWO game will not be a series winner advancing or overall record, winner will move on. It’ll be the PT offense vs the PWO defense, the 2 best in the JFFL.

-This week’s game results will help the Bowl Commission determine the Bowl level match-ups for next week.

Games to Watch

11:30am (1-2, 1-3)Terror Squad vs (0-2, 0-4)LB Ballers+1

These 2 have a pretty good rivalry going, their last game was O.T. with TS squeaking out a 9-8 win on yds.Both these C-Class teams have played better than their records, but there are not other C-Class teams playing in the Fall, so they’re having to play above their weight class where they’ve had some good games, and nearly pulled off an upset.

1:30pm (2-0, 4-0)Prime Time vs (2-1, 3-1)PWO +1

These two are the class of the A-class teams over the last several JFFL Leagues, always a good game to watch when they play each other, high-quality and competitive 8on8 football.If you come out for just 1 game today, this would be the recommended game. The winner of this game plays in the JFFL Bowl.

3:30pm (0-3, 1-4)BD vs (2-0, 3-1)Just Win Baby+3

This is the first game between these 2 teams. Don’t let the BD record fool you, they have played the toughest schedule in the Fall and lost some close games against tough opponents.BD is a 2-time B-class Bowl winner.JWB has really improved since they played last Winter and is making it tough on all their opponents.

5:30pm (2-1)Jokers vs (2-0, 2-2)Show N Go+7

Show N Go has played Jokers a few times over previous leagues under other names.SNG closes the gap in scoring every time they play the veterans. This is Donny’s (mgr) best team so far, they’re playing their best ball and look primed to maintain momentum going into next week’s Bowl games where they are 3-0 lifetime.


There were no upsets this week, but not for lack of trying. Terror Squad came in as a 14pt. Underdog vs Show N Go, but had a shot in this game before SNG scored late to extend lead and seal the win.

Crazy Game

BD came into this A-clas play-in game knowing their opponent well (PWO) and played that way as both teams ended up tied 6-6 at the end of regulation. Both teams had shots at the end to pull it out. In O.T., BD won the coin flip and opted to start with the ball, but came up short on their 4 plays. PWO ended up pulling in the TD on their 2nd play to win the game. PWO actually trailed in this game 0-6, but the D shut BD down for the rest of the game, scoring wise, as BD moved the ball and had shots at scoring, big plays all over by both teams.