2018 Winter League Week 6

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Winter League ended with plenty of tight Bowl Games. Old rivals competing and some new ones formed. For the first time in years, there were no rain outs in the Winter league. It helped that we used 2 different fields so when it did rain, we could give one field a rest and play on the other the next week without tearing it up.

-It’s always good to see new teams join the JFFL and enjoy the play along with plenty of competitive games for them during the course of the season (P Town, Relentless, Wet Bandits, Da Bears)…see you in future leagues.

-Despite the new blood, some things don’t change, for example the first Bowl Game of the day between old rivals Terror Squad/Los Aztecas was another close affair and ended up being the highest scoring game of the day with 44 total points scored.

-We had a Bowl game go into OT with an unusual finish, both teams had negative yards in OT.

-The biggest swing in score in 2 games for the season, 39 pts(see UPSET of The WEEK).

-A JFFL Bowl that looked to be a scoring game that ended up totally different on the scoreboard, but not necessarily on the field if you were watching the game(see Crazy Game)…in the end, there was only 1 undefeated team for the Winter. PT became the only other team to win the Winter JFFL Bowl, Jokers won the others. PT had to earn their 4th championship, BD ook them to double OT in the prior week’s play-in game. The PT team went on to play in the National 8on8 Tournament in Las Vegas the next week, where the best teams in the nation go to compete every year. PT competed in the Pro-level (the highest and most competitive level) and took 5th in the nation…congrats to all that played. 

-Winter ended with 3 teams topping 100 points scored: Prime Time, Jokers and Show N Go joined them with their last score of the season. QB-DonnyF is the trigger man for SNG.

-Top scoring game for the season was ShowN Go/Wet Bandits 52pts in week 1…Lowest scoring game was a 1-0 OT game, also in week 1, with neither Young Gunz/PWO actually getting into the end zone, 1 pt was awarded for more yards in OT.

-We’ll see you in the Spring League.

Bowl Games

9:00 am Div. JFFL Divisional Bowl C ( 2-1,2-3)Los Aztecas vs (2-1,2-3)Terror Squad+1

These teams just met last week with LA winning 12-7 to get into this Div. C championship Bowl. They’ve met a few times over several JFFL leagues, including Bowl Games. TS holds a 3-2 edge in the series that includes a Bowl Game win. LA will be looking to tie the series and even out the Bowl wins.


Terror Squad 24, Los Aztecas 20…back and forth game, TS scored late to retake the lead, not decided till last play…MVP-Mark Pires-QB

10:05am JFFL John Bushman Memorial Bowl (1-4)Bull Gerbils vs (4-1)Relentless+4

Relentless 15, Bull Gerbils 14(O.T)…this B+ level Bowl was decided by yds and an INT in OT….MVP-Mgr. Dominic Dalmaso-QB/DB

11:10am JFFL Arno Watt Memorial Bowl (1-2, 1-4)LB Ballers vs (1-2, 1-4)Da Bears+1

LB Ballers 8, Da Bears 0…a safety and TD got it done for LBB. MVP-Neshon Teal WR/DB(scored the only TD and an INT). It was a split vote as Mgr-Victor Juan was the next choice playing his usual deep DB position to get the shutout and filling in at OL…that’s what a leader does, anything that’s needed.

12:15pm JFFL Sam Dickerson Memorial Bowl (2-3)Young Gunz vs (4-1)Show N Go+2

Young Gunz 18, Show N Go 13…this was A- level Bowl game.MVP-Mgr. Bert Perez-C, missed all season on the field due to inj. Back etc. Could only coach, till now…well deserved for the OL.

1:20pm JFFL Divisional Bowl B (0-4)P Town vs (2-3) Wet Bandits+1

P-Town is about the best 0-4 team you’re going to see, all 4 losses were to the top 4 ranked teams in the JFFL. After several years of being away from the game SonnyA brought P Town back together and volunteered to play the top teams. They are battle hardened. WB is a new spin-off team from BD and also have had 4 tight 1 score down to the wire games. Will be interesting to see who is the the one to come out with W if another tight game.


P Town 19, Wet Bandits 6…MVP-James Perez

2:25pm JFFL Divisional Bowl A (3-2)BD vs (3-2)PWO+1

A rematch from week 4 where BD got their first win 19-7, in their 5th attempt against PWO.Now they get their first Bowl Game with the long-time vets who are 6-0 lifetime in JFFL Bowl Games, 3-0 in Div. A Championship Bowl.

3:50pm JFFL Bowl (5-0)Prime Time vs (5-0)Jokers+5

There will only be 1 undefeated team left in Winter League after this game. PT has won a JFFL record 19 games in a row. PT is meeting the Jokers in the 4th straight JFFL Bowl, winning all 3 to tie the Jokers with 3 wins in this Bowl. Both teams rosters are full of veterans.


Prime Time 6, Jokers 0…0-0 until PT scored with :25 left, game ended with Jokers at PT 2y on last play. MVP-Kyle Sires DL


-PWO was just a 1 pt underdog, so not a big upset, but after losing 6-19 to BD 2 weeks earlier, then winning this game 32-6 the huge 39pt swing in results is the upset.

-Relentless was a 4pt ‘dog, but the 1st yr. Team pulled off the upset over vet Bull Gerbils with yds., a sack and INT in O.T.

Crazy Game

The JFFL Winter Championship Bowl pitted Prime Time against the Jokers for the 4th straight time. Both teams were the top scoring teams for the Spring going into the game, averaging almost 30/game and Jokers 24/game, the only 2 teams to top 100 pts (until Show N Go topped 100 with Bowl game). However, this was a chess game with both teams having some opportunities to score during the game, but the D’s were able to shut down those few opportunities. That is until with just 0:25 left in the game, PT’s QB-JustinR was able to run it in from the 1 yard line. It looked over from there, but the veteran Joker QB-Robert A still had 3 TO’s, eventually the game ended with the Jokers on the PT 2 yard line…Jokers D ended with 5.9 shoutouts on the year and PT with their 19th straight JFFL win and 4th JFFL Bowl win.