2018 Winter League Week 5

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

The regular season ended with a lot of close games, 5 decided by just 1 score, to help determine the Bowl Game match-ups.
-BD and PT played a tight game down to the last play in the final Div. A play-in game to determine who goes to the JFFL Bowl. PT’s JFFL record 17 game winning streak was on the line.(see Crazy Game below) Hint: BD covered the point spread.

-There were 3 upsets this week (see below), although 2 were favored by just 1pt.

-Regular season closed out with our first rainy day. It started to rain during 2nd game, then the wind picked up to about 30mph gusts for the rest of the day…our first real football weather, but noticed a lot of players were missing out there, guess not everyone likes to play in wind & rain, plus it was cold.

-The JFFL Bowl Commission did a good job tweaking some matchups for week 5, to allow the teams to determine on the field themselves, the particular Bowl level they would compete.

-PWO will put their perfect Bowl Game record on the line against their preseason practice partner BD. Needless to say, both will be quite familiar with each other in their 6th JFFL game against each other and several practice games as well.

-On the other end of the spectrum, new teams Wet Bandits and Relentless (version 3.0, not related to the other 2). A close 12-6 win. Hopefully, the 1st of many between these 2 over more JFFL leagues.

-Fall League Div. B Bowl winner Show N Go beat Bull Gerbil to move up to the top 5 (see Rankings) and 2 Bowl levels.

Games to Watch

9:00am Div. JFFL Divisional Bowl C ( 2-1,2-3)Los Aztecas vs (2-1,2-3)Terror Squad+1

These teams just met last week with LA winning 12-7 to get into this Div. C championship Bowl. They’ve met a few times over several JFFL leagues, including Bowl Games. TS holds a 3-2 edge in the series that includes a Bowl Game win. LA will be looking to tie the series and even out the Bowl wins.

10:05am JFFL John Bushman Memorial Bowl (1-4)Bull Gerbils vs (4-1)Relentless+4

Bull Gerbils just came up short against 3 A teams, so don’t let the record fool you. Relentless (no relation to the other 2 teams of same name over the yrs)is a new team, that lost in week 1to the Jokers, then took that learning experience to reel off 4 straight wins to qualify for this B+ level Bowl Game.

11:10am JFFL Arno Watt Memorial Bowl (1-2, 1-4)LB Ballers vs (1-2, 1-4)Da Bears+1

These 2 just met last week with LBB knocking DB out of a chance to get into Div. C championship Bowl in their 1st season. LBB won 8-6, finally winning a close game after losing all their games by similar close margins of about 4 points on avg. Judging by last week and LBB’s penchant for tight 1 score games, expect another one down to the last minute.

12:15pm JFFL Sam Dickerson Memorial Bowl (2-3)Young Gunz vs (4-1)Show N Go+2

These 2 have met just 1 time and that was way back in week 1 of the JFFL 2017 Spring League when SNG was known as the Replacements at that time. YG won 36-14. Now 7 JFFL leagues later, they meet again. YG was at B level and SNG at C back then. Now they’re playing in a higher rated Bowl Game A-.

1:20pm JFFL Divisional Bowl B (0-4)P Town vs (2-3) Wet Bandits+1

P-Town is about the best 0-4 team you’re going to see, all 4 losses were to the top 4 ranked teams in the JFFL. After several yrs. Away from the game SonnyA brought P Town back together and volunteered to play the top teams. They are battle hardened. WB is a new spin-off team from BD and also have had 4 tight 1 score,down to the wire games. Will be interesting to see who is the the one to come out with W if another tight game.

2:25pm JFFL Divisional Bowl A (3-2)BD vs (3-2)PWO+1

A rematch from week 4 where BD got their first win 19-7, in their 5th attempt against PWO.Now they get their first Bowl Game with the long-time vets who are 6-0 lifetime in JFFL Bowl Games, 3-0 in Div. A Championship Bowl.

3:50pm JFFL Bowl (5-0)Prime Time vs (5-0)Jokers+5

There will only be 1 undefeated team left in Winter League after this game. PT has won a JFFL record 18 straight games. PT is meeting the Jokers in the 4th straight JFFL Bowl, winning all 3 to tie the Jokers with 3 wins in this Bowl. Both teams rosters are full of veterans.


-Los Aztecas was a 7pt dog against Terror Squad, but if you took LA, you didn’t need the points. As they won outright 12-7 to get into the Div. C Championship Bowl and a rematch with TS.

Other Upsets:

-LB Ballers+1 won 8-6 over DaBears and PWO+1 won 13-6 over Young Gunz. YG won 1-0 in O.T. back in week 1.

Crazy Game

BD led the entire game including 13-0 at halftime against Prime Time in the final Div. A play-in game to determine who goes to the JFFL Bowl. PT kept digging into the score and finally tied it to take it to O.T. Both teams scored in the first O.T. so they had to play a 2nd O.T., since this was a play-in game. In 2nd O.T. BD got 16y. On PT’s final play they scored to extend their current winning streak to 18 games and get into their 4th straight JFFL Bowl.