2018 Summer Week 3

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

We opened Summer League in week 1 with our coolest week yet in Summer League, high for the day was just 82, last Summer the coolest day was 100 (all 6 weeks were 100-103). Week 2 was a different story at 100. Jokers have had to play in all those high temp games. The good news is that afternoon games don’t take long to get warmed up. Summer League¬†continued the trend of more teams participating in each of the JFFL leagues than the same League prior year.

-Team Elite is not playing for the first time in 5 leagues, so a lot of those players went to Prime Time and PWO, making both squads deeper.

-This is the first JFFL league without a new team (all are returning teams from prior leagues). The 2 new teams that originally reserved a spot for Summer, couldn’t get organized in time, so they’re waiting until Fall.

-PWO were the Summer League champions last year.

Games to Watch

9am (2-0)Crisis vs (0-2)Los Aztecas+7

Crisis won their 1st meeting 12-6 in the Spring League. Both teams are playing even better now than last they played. Though Crisis is undefeated, Los Aztecas came real close in their first 2 games losing by just a combined 8 pts top opponents. Matchup to watch is Los Aztecas OL vs Crisis DL, likely to determine outcome.

10:30am (0-2)LB Ballers vs (0-2)Terror Squad+1

LB Ballers won 20-6 in 1st meeting during Winter league, then 15-12 in Spring league. Terror Squad looking to get into this series.


12pm (2-0)Prime Time vs (1-1)Young Gunz+7

These 2 are tied 2-2 in their personal series, Prime Time won the last meeting 33-12 in a Spring league play-in game. PT takes #1 seed for A-class play-in games next week. YG will toss the A-class seeding into the air with a win. In either case the winner takes series bragging rights.

1:30pm (1-1)PWO vs (0-2)Bertolotti+9

PWO won their only meeting 18-6 in Spring League. Bertolotti needs a win to stay competitive in the A-Class play-in games.

3:15pm (2-0)Jokers vs (2-0)Dirty Goats+4

Dirty Goats only meeting with the Jokers was last Fall league and was a close 18-22 loss. DG playing even better now, and be looking to take down the veterans to stay undefeated in the Summer and tie the series.


None as there was no predictions, but Young Gunz avenging their Spring League Bowl game O.T. loss to Bertolotti (27-20) with a 12-7 win would’ve qualified.

Crazy Game

Crisis beat LB Ballers when they scored on 4th & goal with just 0:02 left in game. LB Ballers started fast and held a 2 score lead at halftime. However, Crisis came out hot and was rolling after taking the lead on a punt return TD. LBB could’ve folded after that but showed character and poise in putting together a TD drive to take the lead back and came within 2sec. of winning. Both teams showed competitive poise as both could’ve folded it up, but neither got down and remained focused. A fun 22-20 game to watch.