2018 Spring League Week 4

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

As expected it rained a little on the already soggy field in week 3. Had to move to the side of the muddy areas after so much rain/hail has poured onto our field for the last 4 weeks. Now for this week, it looks like nothing but sunshine and in the 80’s, so it looks like for the first time this Spring, all 16 teams should be able to get thru their games without rain from above.

-Last week, Rueb’sQin barbeque set up a table by the field for anyone who wanted to get some good BBQ after their game. Rueb’sQin will be there again this week, suggest trying it out, we thought it pretty good and this week it’s only $6. They’ll be setting up around noon.

-Lot’s of intriguing match ups for this week. Bravo Division is looking deep from top to bottom.

Games to Watch

10:15am (1-1)Team JFFL vs (2-0)Terror Squad+1

The winner of this game will emerge atop the Charlie Division.

11:30am (1-1)Young Gunz vs (0-2)PWO+5

This is their last regular season game, before the A-clas play-in games start next week. These 2 are hard to predict, they met twice in Winter League(PWO 14-7, YG 26-6). So far this season, PWO has lost 12-18 in both games. YG was on both sides of lopsided scores (24-6, 0-31). YG can move into a 3-way tie at the top with a win.

2:00pm (2-0)Team Elite vs (1-1)Prime Time+3

TE will clinch #1 seed for the JFFL Bowl play-in games that start for the A-clas teams next week. A PT win will give them #1 seed, unless YG wins earlier in day, then a potential 3-way tie could happen.These 2 split in the Winter League (TE 20-12,PT 21-6).

6:00pm (2-0)Jokers vs (2-0)Bertolotti Disposal+1

The only game matching up undefeated teams. Bertolotti’s has debuted into the JFFL as one of the top teams. Looking forward to seeing how they fare against the veteran Jokers.


No upset in week 3 with the limited schedule, but Bertolotti’s margin of win over Relentless was surprising. Despite Relentless starting QB a no-show.

Crazy Game

Crisis put up an excellent effort against the Jokers. Crises scored with :04 left to close to the final 18-12 score, but they battled thru out the game, and picked it up in the 2nd half. Looking forward to seeing their development for the rest of the season.