2018 Spring League Week 2

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

After practically no rain since the Winter League about 2 months ago, rain came down on the field during the week, then it was clear on opening day of the Spring League and it was looking good for the whole day, until the next to last game between LB Ballers/Bertolotti Disposal, when the hail/lightning forced the stoppage at 345pm with 2:30 left in the first half. This game will be picked up where it left off in the form a double header later in season as will the last game.

-JFFL was only going to accept 14 teams into the Spring but 2 others wanted to join in on the fun, so the scheduling will be tightened up to accommodate and we’ll have an extra hour of daylight after the time change on Sunday.

Games to Watch

11:20am (1-0)Young Gunz vs (1-0)Team Elite+4

Young Gunz won Alpha division in the Winter and will be facing Team Elite for the 4th time in their rivalry, YG is 4-0 and won the last meeting in a tight defensive battle 7-6.Team Elite is coming off an O.T. win over PWO in week 1.Both teams will contend to play in JFFL Bowl.

1:30pm (0-1)PWO vs (0-1)Prime Time+1

These 2 are coming off opening week losses to Alpha division opponents and want to change the trend. PWO is 2-0 in this series. Last met in JFFL Divisional Bowl A in the winter with PWO winning 20-14.

4:45pm(0-0)Jokers vs (1-0)Wild Dogs+3

Wild Dogs made their JFFL debut in the most impressive 1st game by any team that has ever played in the JFFL with their 36-0 win. WD could be the surprise of the Spring, let’s see how they fare against those wily veteran Jokers with 5 players over 50 on their roster. Jokers last game was a hard fought down to the wire win over Young Gunz in the Winter JFFL Bowl 14-13.


There were no point spreads for week 1, however there were some eyebrow raising results in Bull Gerbils, Young Gunz and Wild Dogs’ wins and by the winning margins in those games.

Crazy Game

-Team Elite and PWO went into O.T. 12-12. In O.T. each team gets 4 plays to score or get the most yardage. Team Elite won this game on the last play of O.T. when they scored.

-Terror Squad and Los Aztecas met for the 3rd time in their rivalry. They shutout each other the previous meetings. This time around both offenses decided to participate. Los Aztecas scored with seconds left to close to 12-14 and went for the 2 pt. conversion to send into OT, but TS defense came up with the game-winning play.

From The Scorers Table


Real Deal 7 vs Bull Gerbil 19


Team JFFL 0 vs Wild Dogs 35


Team Elite 18 vs PWO 12 OT


Young Gunz 25 vs Prime Time 6


Terror Squad 14 vs Los Aztecas 12

Last 2 games suspended and re-scheduled as part of  Double Headers  after Time Change.