JFFL 2017 Winter Bowl Week 6

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

As usual, the Bowl Committee made some great match ups, with many close games coming down to the wire, with 5 of the 7 Bowl games within 1pt or 1 score until the final play.

-Congrats’ to JFFL Winter League Division Winners: Young Gunz, Bull Gerbil and LB Ballers.

-On this final Mr. Rogers for the Winter League,the week 5 commentary was left in place for each game below, with the final result at the end. Bowl winners were Sharks, Team Elite, Dirty Goats, LB Ballers, PWO, Terror Squad and the Jokers.

-The biggest surprise was the Terror Squad upset(see below)…Sharks win their 1st Bowl on their 3rd try…Team Elite evens their Bowl record to 2-2…PWO remains undefeated 3-0…Young Gunz lost their 1st Bowl game on the last play of the game when they couldn’t convert the 2pt conversion against the Jokers, now 2-1.(see Crazy Game).

-Dirty Goats continued their improvement over the last 2 seasons and had a decisive Bowl win. Hope to see them continue to play and improve under mgr. Alejandro Rocha’s leadership.

-Terror Squad get’s the Most Sportsmanlike award and the Perserverance Award. They had a tough season and stuck in there by continuing to come out in #’s and improving. They hadn’t won, and yet showed up with 13 players for their Bowl game, this is a mark of a team that likes to play football and will only get better as they continue to practice and compete. Mgr. Mason Deal deserves credit for keeping his troops motivated and attending each week.

-Sharks were another team that has showed perseverance over the long run, they were win less in their first JFFL season last Spring but has advanced to a 3-3 record and a Bowl win in their 3rd season, kudos’ to mgr. Danny Torres.

-Despite an 0-2 start, Young Gunz hung in there and put it all together for a top-level 4 week run, good job mgr. Burt Perez.

-Team Elite had a tough season with several close losses against the best JFFL opponents. Mgr. Andrew Lopez kept his squad motivated and eventually paid off in a Bowl win with a 53yr old QB(Trevor Tucker).

-LB Ballers were another team to start 0-2 and outscored 8-59, but this first season team kept their chin up and mgr. Victor Juan helped to guide them to a good 4 week run and Bowl win.

-Managing a team is a tough job and it requires an individual that is motivated and desires to play football and competition, hats off to those individuals not mentioned above: Ray Montez(PWO), David Gianesin(Prime Time), Tylo Both(Bull Gerbil),Victor Flores(Los Aztecas), Anthony Rodriguez(Just Win Baby) and Manvir Basra(No Fly Zone), continued success in herding those cats every season and ever week compete in the game of football.

Games to Watch

9am John Bushman Memorial Bowl (2-3)Sharks vs (1-4)No Fly Zone +1

No Fly Zone may be more talented, but Sharks maturity gives them the edge here. NFZ started the season off with great expectations, but some close losses and players quitting and little team chemistry has led to the NFZ inconsistent season. If team mgr. Manvir Basra can rally the troops, NFZ might be the favorite, but Shark’s consistency is the best bet.

RESULT: Sharks 15, No Fly Zone 14

10:05am JFFL Divisional Bowl B(4-1)Bull Gerbil vs (1-4)Team Elite+1

Don’t let the records fool you, Team Elite,the Fall League Champions, are the best 1-4 team we’ve seen in decades of play in this region. They’ve lost some close games against the best competion this season(PWO twice, Young Gunz and Prime Time).Bull Gerbil really turned some heads in their only loss (18-24) against the Jokers.This is a defacto B Division championship game.

RESULT: Team Elite7, Bull Gerbil 0

11:10am Sam Dickerson Memorial Bowl (3-2)Dirty Goats vs (3-2)Team JFFL+6

Hard to handicap this game with JFFL players inconsistent attendance week to week. That being said, Dirty Goats might be the most improved team from Fall to Winter.Their team play gets better every week. They beat Team JFFL 12-0 in an earlier matchup this winter. If TJ get’s most of their key players out there, this could be the game of the week.

RESULT:Dirty Goats 34, Team JFFL 12

12:15pm JFFL Divisional Bowl C (3-2)LB Ballers vs (3-2)Just Win Baby+1

Due to the re-classification of some teams after week 1, these 2 didn’t meet during regular season, so it’s only natural that they should meet in a Bowl Game to determine who will win the Charlie Division, both are undefeated in division games.

RESULT:LB Ballers 7, Just Win Baby 6

1:20pm JFFL Divisional Bowl A (3-2)PWO vs (3-2)Prime Time+1

Two of the best teams in the Winter League meet for a 2nd time this season, Prime Time won that game 13-12. Would expect nothing less of just as competitive this time around.

RESULT:PWO 20, Prime Time 14

2:25pm Arno Watt Memorial Bowl Game Los Aztecas vs Terror Squad+10

This is a rematch from earlier in the season.These squads have some of the best attitudes out there and seem to have fun just playing football.Seemed to be a natural re-match.

RESULT:Terror Squad 20, Los Aztecas 0

3:30pm JFFL Bowl (5-0)Jokers vs (3-2)Young Gunz+1

Young Gunz lost close games in the first 2 weeks, but beat both those teams decisevly in their 2 play-in games and are on a 3 game winning streak against the best teams in the Winter League. Now they have their sights on the veteran Jokers. Jokers beat Young Gunz in both Spring and Summer league, so Young Gunz are hoping 3rd time is a charm for them.

RESULT: Jokers 14, Young Gunz 13


Terror Squad+10 pulled off the upset of the week 20-0. Los Aztecas won 26-0 earlier in season, so TS could’ve easily been an even bigger underdog. Don’t think I’ve ever seen opponents throw shutouts at each other in the same season and certainly not with a 46pt swing. If these 2 play in the Spring, they’ll have to play each other again, just to see what happens.

Crazy Game

Young Gunz trailed for the entire game, but was always close in the JFFL Championship Bowl against the Jokers. Young Gunz were on a roll for the last 3 weeks, beating the best the JFFL had to offer, and by required pt. spreads to advance to the JFFL Bowl. Give the YG credit for going for the win, instead of OT, on the last play of this 14-13 game, when they went for the 2 pt conversion, they were a PK away from the win. Obviously, there were several plays that decided this game, not just the XP to end the game, that’s just what everyone focuses on. The YG OL played a good strategic game and adjusted well on the Jokers pass rush. The trenches on both sides was not for the weak, there was some serious hand-to-hand combat going on by both the YG OL and Jokers DL and the Jokers OL with YG DL.