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The JFFL Spring League is now completed. We will be taking a break for the summer and will resume with the Fall League starting on the Saturday after Labor Day, September 7th. If you are a free agent looking for a team, visit the contact page up above. More

Week 1 2019 Spring League Preseason Newsletter

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Another JFFL season starting for the Spring. Lot of familiar faces, a couple new teams and a name change. After the start was delayed a week due to rain swamped fields, didn't want to tear them up right at the start of the season, Prime Time will put their winning streak (19) on the line when they play some returning veterans of other A level teams. -All teams that play this week will be familiar with each other to varying degrees, even the 2 new teams. Games 10:... More

Week 1 2019 Spring League Schedule

Here is week 1 schedule: 10:00am  LBBallers v Wet Bandits 11:30am BD v pWo 1:00pm Lunatics v Terror Squad 2:30pm Mean Machine v Prime Time 4:00pm Young Gunz v Dark Knights 5:30pm Jokers v Show N Go More

Spring League 2019


2018 Winter League Week 6

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Winter League ended with plenty of tight Bowl Games. Old rivals competing and some new ones formed. For the first time in years, there were no rain outs in the Winter league. It helped that we used 2 different fields so when it did rain, we could give one field a rest and play on the other the next week without tearing it up. -It's always good to see new teams join the JFFL and enjoy the play along with plenty of competitive games for them during the course of the ... More

2018 Winter League Week 5

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood The regular season ended with a lot of close games, 5 decided by just 1 score, to help determine the Bowl Game match-ups.-BD and PT played a tight game down to the last play in the final Div. A play-in game to determine who goes to the JFFL Bowl. PT's JFFL record 17 game winning streak was on the line.(see Crazy Game below) Hint: BD covered the point spread. -There were 3 upsets this week (see below), although 2 were favored by just 1pt. -Regular season closed ... More

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2018 Winter League Week 4

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood After some upsets in week 4, we enter week 5 with several key match-ups that the JFFL Bowl Committee scheduled in order to the teams determine who plays who in which level Bowl Game. -After reclassifying Bull Gerbil and P Town last week, Relentless was reclassified up to B-Class this week after their decisive win in week 4 and the body of their play for the entire season. Standings have been adjusted accordingly. -This will be our first wet game day of the Winter, ... More

2018 Winter League Week 3

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Week 3 saw a lot of surprises on both the upside and downside. Some games closer than expected and others not as close as many thought would be….that's why we play the games between the lines and not on paper, it's called competition. -Young Gunz was flying high but ran into an improved BD team that picked up several Just Win Baby players from the Fall JFFL league and it looks like they're all jelling into 1 top A-class team now after 3 weeks together(plus presea... More

2018 Winter League Weeks 1 & 2

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Here we are in another JFFL Winter League with 14 teams, had to turn 2 teams away to wait for the Spring League in March. We were just going to allow 12 teams in for the Winter so we didn't have to stack games 1 on top of the other with no break in between games. However, so many teams wanted in that we decided to allow 14, start a little earlier and reduce the 2nd half 2:00 warning to 1:00 in order to meet the 1:05hr limit for each game in order to finish last game ... More