2019 Fall League Schedule of games for Week 5

Saturday 10/5/2019 at 2700 Hillglen Ave Modesto Ustach Park 10:00am Terror Squad v LB Ballers 11:30am Wet Bandits v Show N Go 2:00pm PwO v Prime Time 3:30p Jokers v PwO/Prime Time non winner of the 2 o'clock game More

2019 Fall League Standing as of Week 4

PwO 4-0 (110-0) Prime Time 3-1 (76-16) Jokers 3-1 (54-39) Show N Go 2-3 (52-59) Wet Bandits 2-3 (65-101) Terror Squad 2-3 (56-98) LB Ballers 0-5 (28-128) Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/jokers_football More

Scores from Week 4 of the 2019 Fall League

2019 Fall League Scores from Week 4 10:00am LB Ballers-0 v PwO-40 11:30am Wet Bandits-25 v Terror Squad-14 1:00pm Wet Bandits-0 v Prime Time-28 2:30p Jokers-8 v Show N Go-0 More

2019 Fall League Week 4 Schedule

2019 Fall League Week 4 schedule of games for Saturday 28th 10:00am LB Ballers v PwO   11:30am Wet Bandits v Terror Squad   1:00pm Wet Bandits v Prime Time   2:30p Jokers v Show N Go Location  2700 Hillglen Ave Modesto More

2019 Fall League Week 3 Scores

Week 3 Fall League scores 10:00am Prime Time 34 v LB Ballers 0   11:30am LB Ballers 8 v Wet Bandits 13   1:00pm PwO 24 v Show N Go 0   2:30pm Jokers 8 v Terror Squad 27 More

2019 Fall League Week 3 Schedule of Games

September 21 2019 Week 3 10:00am Prime Time v LB Ballers 11:30am LB Ballers v Wet Bandits 1:00pm PwO v Show N Go 2:30pm Jokers v Terror Squad More

Winter League 2019


2019 Fall League Week 2 Scores

Fall League 2019 Week 2 Scores: 11:00am Terror Squad 0 vs PwO 38 12:30pm Show N Go 13 vs Terror Squad 0 2:00p Show N Go 0 vs Prime Time 14 3:30p Jokers 26 vs LB Ballers 6 More

2019 Fall League Week 2 Schedule of games

Dust off your cleats and all comers are welcome to participate. We have the following games at 2700 Hillglen Ave Modesto 11:00am Terror Squad vs PWO 12:30pm Wet Bandits vs Terror Squad 2:00pm Show N Go vs Prime Time 3:30pm Jokers vs LB Ballers More

Fall League 2019 Week 1 Scores

10:15a Terror Squad 15, LB Ballers 14 11:45a PwO 8, Prime Time 0 ...ending PT's 26 game JFFL winning streak. 2:00p Shown N Go 39, Wet Bandits 13 3:30p Jokers 12, Wet Bandits 6 Follow and comment on our other socials Facebook: @jokersflagfootball Twitter: @jokers_football More