2019 Winter League Bowl Week 6

2019 Winter League Bowl Week 6 slate of games

8:45am LB Rams vs The Originals (C-Division Bowl Championship)…LBR won 13-12 in OT during season.
9:50am Lunatics vs Modesto Maniacs (John Tiffin Memorial Bowl)…Lunatics won 12-6 in OT during season.
10:55am Eskimos vs Relentless (John Bushman Memorial Bowl)…Eskimos won 9-6 back in week 1.
12:00pm Just Win Baby vs Saints(Sam Dickerson Memorial Bowl)…Saints won 38-22 in the highest scoring game in JFFL history, let’s see another shootout between two up and coming B-Div teams.
1:05pm P-Town vs Terror Squad (B-Division Championship)
2:10p PwO vs Prime Time(A-Division Bowl Game)… PwO won in Week 2 in a squeaker 25-24.
3:30pm Jokers vs BD (JFFL Bowl) Yes you see it no Prime Time or PwO in the JFFL Bowl. It is the new kids BD to see if they can rein supreme by beating the Jokers.

Garrison Park in Modesto intersections Carver and Pearl.