2018 Fall Week 1

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Fall League opened with 9 teams but there will be 8 (same as last Fall) after DG had to drop out due to lack of consistent players attending. Prime Time ended up playing a double header due to the odd # of teams in week 1. PT will have a bye in week 4 and Jokers will take a bye in week 4 as well to even out the schedule.

Games will be at Boesch-Kingery Park in Ripon (next to First Christian Reform Church), it’s about 8 mi. from Garrison Park, nice field. No dirt, all 3″ grass everywhere, should be able to dive for a flag or pass and come up with only grass stains. Directions: going north on hwy 99, take Main St. exit(first Ripon exit), turn left at the stop sign onto Frontage Rd., turn right onto Stockton (changes into N. Ripon Rd), turn left onto Boesch… keep the music low.


Just Win Baby wins the close 14-12 game vs Jokers. JWB scored a quick 14 within minutes to start the game , then held on the rest of the way to secure the win.

Crazy Game

Terror Squad wins the JFFL Fall league opener in O.T. on yardage 17y-12y when the LB Ballers WR bobbled what would’ve been the game winner in O.T. on 4th and goal. The WR made the catch but bobbled as going out of bounds.