2017 Winter Week 5

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Week 4 was another week of upsets, with 4 (Young Gunz, Prime Time, Just Win baby, Sharks). 2 of the upsets led to the week 5 JFFL Bowl play-in game between Prime Time and Young Gunz. After rough starts to the season, both teams seem to have found their groove and players, both had 31 total combined players in attendance for week 4. This will be the game of the week, PT won earlier game 13-6 and yes it was every bit as close on the field as it was on the scoreboard.


-Just Win baby, LB Ballers and Bull Gerbils are on multi-game winning streaks with a combined 9-0 on the streaks.

-Sharks’ hard work finally paid off as they got their 1st Winter League win, and now are confident the work has paid off, but more importantly, they’ve had fun and enjoyed the journey.

-Bull Gerbil is on a roll at 4-0, and although not eligible for the JFFL Bowl since they were not Class-A certified, they look to get that 5th win against the Jokers and get A-classificed in later leagues if they so wish.

6-Jan Home Away
9 PWO Team Elite+7
1005 Just Win Baby Team JFFL+1
1110 Los Aztecas+1 Sharks
1215 Prime Time Young Gunz+8
120 No Fly Zone+1 Dirty Goats
225 LB Ballers Terror Squad+10
330 Jokers Bull Gerbil+1


Games to Watch

9am (2-2) PWO vs (1-3) Team Elite +7

In this play-in game to determine who plays n which JFFL divisional Bowl Game, Team Elite must win by 7pts to win the head-to-head between the two (PWO won 12-6 in week 2 and holds the next tie breaker edge). Team Elite has played in 4 close A-class games and is battle-hardened. Team Elite won the JFFL Bowl in Fall league by going through PWO and is looking to repeat the performance. This is a matchup of the Summer and Fall champions, high-quality football to watch here.

10:05pm (3-1) Just Win baby vs (2-2) Team JFFL + 1

Just Win baby lost their JFFL opener to the Jokers 36-0, but since that game had adjusted to the JFFL and run off 3 wins in a row by a combined 62-21, almost 3-1 scoring ratio. Team JFFL is the enigma of the JFFL, week 1 and 3 most of the key players attended and they won 52-18. Week 2 & 4 saw barely enough to play and lost both by a combined 6-41. It’s an odd number week, so we’ll see if the trend holds to give the fans a good game to watch.

12:15pm (3-1) Prime Time vs (2-2) Young Gunz

In this final play-in game to determine who will play in the JFFL, Prime Time holds the edge with a 13-6 win in week 2. Young Gunz must win by 8pts to win the series, Prime Time holds the next tie breaker (common opponent pt differential +15 to +7) which is why YG must win by 8 points. The series loser will be invited to play in the JFFL Divisional Bowl A against the series winner of PWO/Team Elite.


3:30pm (4-0) Jokers vs (4-0) Bull Gerbil + 1

The last 2 undefeated teams play each other this week to close out the regular season. Bull Gerbil has likely already clinched an invitation to play the series loser of PWO/Team Elite in the Divisional Bowl Championship B, but wouldn’t mind going into next weeks Bowl game 5-0 in a bid for A-classification in future leagues. Jokers will play the series winner of Prime Time/Young Gunz in the JFFL Bowl and want to keep the momentum going.


Upset of the Week

4 upsets this week(Prime Time+0, Young Gunz+8, Just Win baby+7, Sharks+1). Prime Time had to win their game by 9 and Young Gunz had to win by 8 in order to win their series to play in the final play-in game to the JFFL Bowl, and both succeeded and will now play each other in the regular season finale. Just Win Baby has been flying after an opening 0-36 loss to Jokers and upset Dirty Goats 16-14. Sharks was almost a pick ’em game, and picked up the W against Terror Squad 18-12.


Crazy Game

Sharks securing their first Winter League win against fellow Charlie Division opponent Terror Squad 18-12.