JFFL 2021 Summer League Week 1 Scores and insights of the week.

                                                                      Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Summer league has begun and it started with a record number of teams for a JFFL Summer league at 13 teams, breaking last Summer’s record of 12. Over the years, Summer has had 7-8 teams, 2 new JFFL teams (DFF & Savages) have joined to go with 10 returning from the Spring and another (Dirty Goats) that last played in Winter. The most notable JFFL veteran team that’s taking a break is PWO. DFF is from the Bay Area and taking PWO’s place in the A-Division. Teams that sign up for A-Division and qualify on merit will play for the Division A Championship trophy in week 5. Those teams for now are Vigilantes, Prime Time, DFF and Young Gunz. Vigilantes looks like the early season favorite, added some players since Spring. Prime Time lost some key players, will see how roster develops. Young Gunz wasn’t sure if they would be able to compete in Division A this Summer as they only had 11 players as of the managers meeting and were looking at a rebuilding season, however in the two week’s between meeting and week 1, Bert did some recruiting and brought out 19 players and won 36-0 over one of the better Division B teams that were being looked at as a potential Division A, looks like the rebuild lasted 2 weeks. Prime Time had a bye for week 1, so we haven’t yet seen how their roster is shaped, will find out in week 2 when PT plays a double header.

-The two new teams debuted with wins. Savagez started out with a 12-0 win over JFFL vet team Lunatics. Savagez had no big men, but brought a lot of speed and tenacity. DFF started slow but eventually pulled away from a very good LB Rams team,then in their 2nd game of a DH ran into the Vigilante buzz-saw 0-14. DFF looks like they can improve as they play more JFFL opponents.

-Of historical note is the first women to take the field in a JFFL game, for Eagle Fang Mafia. Cassandra Ramirez and DevonL competed well for EFM in a close 13-6 game.

-In other games, Dirty Goats came back for a 31-12 win after taking the Spring off.  Goon Squad starts off with the win against Eagle Fang Mafia.