Scores from Week 4 of the 2019 Fall League

2019 Fall League Scores from Week 4 10:00am LB Ballers-0 v PwO-40 11:30am Wet Bandits-25 v Terror Squad-14 1:00pm Wet Bandits-0 v Prime Time-28 2:30p Jokers-8 v Show N Go-0 More

2019 Fall League Week 4 Schedule

2019 Fall League Week 4 schedule of games for Saturday 28th 10:00am LB Ballers v PwO   11:30am Wet Bandits v Terror Squad   1:00pm Wet Bandits v Prime Time   2:30p Jokers v Show N Go Location  2700 Hillglen Ave Modesto More

2019 Fall League Week 3 Scores

Week 3 Fall League scores 10:00am Prime Time 34 v LB Ballers 0   11:30am LB Ballers 8 v Wet Bandits 13   1:00pm PwO 24 v Show N Go 0   2:30pm Jokers 8 v Terror Squad 27 More

2019 Fall League Week 3 Schedule of Games

September 21 2019 Week 3 10:00am Prime Time v LB Ballers 11:30am LB Ballers v Wet Bandits 1:00pm PwO v Show N Go 2:30pm Jokers v Terror Squad More

Winter League 2019


2019 Fall League Week 2 Scores

Fall League 2019 Week 2 Scores: 11:00am Terror Squad 0 vs PwO 38 12:30pm Show N Go 13 vs Terror Squad 0 2:00p Show N Go 0 vs Prime Time 14 3:30p Jokers 26 vs LB Ballers 6 More

2019 Fall League Week 2 Schedule of games

Dust off your cleats and all comers are welcome to participate. We have the following games at 2700 Hillglen Ave Modesto 11:00am Terror Squad vs PWO 12:30pm Wet Bandits vs Terror Squad 2:00pm Show N Go vs Prime Time 3:30pm Jokers vs LB Ballers More

Fall League 2019 Week 1 Scores

10:15a Terror Squad 15, LB Ballers 14 11:45a PwO 8, Prime Time 0 ...ending PT's 26 game JFFL winning streak. 2:00p Shown N Go 39, Wet Bandits 13 3:30p Jokers 12, Wet Bandits 6 Follow and comment on our other socials Facebook: @jokersflagfootball Twitter: @jokers_football More

2019 Fall League Week 1 Schedule of Games

Saturday September  7th 10:15am Terror Squad vs LB Ballers 11:45am Prime Time vs PWO 2:00pm Wet Bandits vs Show N Go 3:30pm Jokers vs Wet Bandits More

Fall 2019 Practices

Come  all Free Agents to the JFFL open practice. We are having practices at 6pm until sunset this Saturday August 31st at Hillglen Ave in Modesto. More