2017 Winter Week 6

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood If nothing else, this has been the most unpredictable season in years. There has been many upsets this season, more than any other season in my memory, going back to 1983. Teams have either been so closely matched or up and down from week to week that it's been hard to get a consistent handle on predictable results, which is a good thing for the JFFL, knowing that just about any team can win on any given week. Jokers consistency being the exception to this Winter ... More

2017 Winter Week 5

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Week 4 was another week of upsets, with 4 (Young Gunz, Prime Time, Just Win baby, Sharks). 2 of the upsets led to the week 5 JFFL Bowl play-in game between Prime Time and Young Gunz. After rough starts to the season, both teams seem to have found their groove and players, both had 31 total combined players in attendance for week 4. This will be the game of the week, PT won earlier game 13-6 and yes it was every bit as close on the field as it was on the scoreboard. ... More