JFFL 2020 Spring/Summer League Week 5 Newsletter

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Prime Time and PWO finished up their non-division games 6-0 and now will compete in their rematch to determine the top A-team and top JFFL regular season team this week…a kicker wins a JFFL game for first time in years, see 'Crazy Game'…Modesto Maniacs surprised us again with another win to move into 1st place atop the C-Division, after going 0-6 in their first season back in the JFFL Winter, easily the most-improved team thus far, see 'Upset Of the Week'. Just ... More

JFFL 2020 Spring/Summer League Newsletter Week 4

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood 3 weeks in and we have no win less teams, that is a JFFL first, also there are only two 3-0 teams, the Summer league is showing about as much balance as has ever been seen as far wins/losses at the halfway point. 5 of 6 games were shutouts last week, unusual and a record, however we did have 2 cross-classification games and will have 2 more this week with both A-teams, before they play each other in week 5, clearly Prime Time & PWO are the teams for all others to ... More

JFFL 2020 Spring/Summer League Newsletter Week 3

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood After a long delayed start of the Spring league due to this virus shutdown (originally were going to start play back in March),we finally started when we were originally going to start the Summer league. Two weeks in, we had some surprises to the upside by teams: Lunatics, LB Rams, Modesto Maniacs and Relentless (haven't played since 2 winters ago), which forced us to rethink the potential schedule after these 2 weeks. It's not always possible to get the most closely ... More

2020 Spring-Summer Schedule of games Week 3


2020 Spring-Summer Scores for Week 2


2020 Spring-Summer Scores for Week 1


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2019 Winter League Bowl Week 6

2019 Winter League Bowl Week 6 slate of games 8:45am LB Rams vs The Originals (C-Division Bowl Championship)...LBR won 13-12 in OT during season. 9:50am Lunatics vs Modesto Maniacs (John Tiffin Memorial Bowl)...Lunatics won 12-6 in OT during season. 10:55am Eskimos vs Relentless (John Bushman Memorial Bowl)...Eskimos won 9-6 back in week 1. 12:00pm Just Win Baby vs Saints(Sam Dickerson Memorial Bowl)...Saints won 38-22 in the highest scoring game in JFFL history, let's see another ... More

2019 Winter League Sores for Week 5

Week 5 Scores for January 11 Games for  Week 5 held at Garrison Park in Modesto . 8:45a Lunatics-0 vs The Originals-14 9:50a Relentless-15 vs Just win Baby-22 10:55a Modesto Maniacs-12 vs LB Rams-20 12:00p BD-12 vs P-Town-6 1:05p PWO-37 vs Saints-0 2:10p Prime Time-0 vs Terror Squad-14 3:30p Jokers-40 vs Eskimos-0 Free Agents Male or Female are always welcomed!   More

Winter League 2019 Week 5 Schedule of Games

Week 5 Schedule for January 11 Free Agents Male or Female are always welcomed! 8:45a Lunatics vs The Originals 9:50a Relentless vs Just win Baby 10:55a Modesto Maniacs vs LB Rams 12:00p BD vs P-Town (Winner goes to the JFFL Bowl) 1:05p PWO vs Saints 2:10p Prime Time vs Terror Squad 3:30p Jokers vs Eskimos Games for Week 5 will be at Garrison Park in Modesto Intersection of Pearl and Carver. More